FANMIX: i belong to an artificial life – eames/arthur, inception reverse bang 2014


As always, below the cut are my thoughts and ideas re: song choice, narrative structure, and all other means and methods of music nerdery that are relevant to the mix. If you wanna skip all that junk (pls don't), the link to the mix and dl are under the second cut! Happy reading!
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You can read yumduece's amazing accompanying fic right here:
Daft Punk - We two.

FANMIX: redefine the borders – welcome to night vale, fandomaid donation mix

DONATION MIX NUMBER TWO!! Below the cut is a tracklist and relevant lyrics for REDEFINE THE BORDERS, a Welcome To Night Vale Mix. This one is for my lovely donator moluren who asked for a fanmix inspired by The Mountain Goats' song THE DAY THE ALIENS CAME (which I had never heard before!!). I took the idea of the horrific/frightening happening under happier music, paradoxes of songs to some extent. From there, I let it evolve naturally and let it play out sort of like an episode of NVCR (including a verbal interlude before the resolution of the last song). Thanks again for donating/prompting and I hope you like it!! <3

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Inception - shadowboxed

FANMIX: can't kill us – eames/arthur, fandomaid donation mix

I've decided to start doing process/talkback post for some of my fanmixes, so HERE WE GO!!

Below the cut is a track-by-track rundown of my thoughts and Lyrics That Are Significant and other miscellany that I didn't want clogging up my rebloggable post and etc. Feel free to comment with anything you'd like to say, relevant or otherwise. I like knowing that my hours spent fretting about track order aren't quite going to waste on a wall audience :') S/o and thanks to staraflur for prompting this ("songs to commit crimes to") on fandomaid.

and so I humbly present CAN'T KILL US (or: romance for a couple of big time criminals)

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OhnoCelski: Puttin&#39; the BRO in BROmance.

long time no journal

just felt like checking in after what officially amounted to a year without a post! I am, of course, still on tumblr as kavinskysdick, but I'll be back around here for a couple of BLEACH communities and fanmix posts in the near future (as a sort of archive).

hope anyone left is doing well!!